Win Up To £10,000

The Seat Lottery supporting Notts County Foundation

Its simple to enter. Tickets are £2 for each seat with £1 going direct to Notts County Foundation


The Seat Lottery has been created to help bring additional funding to local charities and foundation trusts. The game is specific to each venue and uses the Seats as the ticket number.

To enter, you purchase a seat or seats that are priced at £2 and you will then be entered into the weekly lottery where you can win cash prizes up to £10,000. £1 from every seat purchased will fund incredible projects, provide opportunities for disadvantaged people and those with disabilities.

In addition to the main weekly lottery prizes an accumulator game specific to the venue will run once the £1000 prize target has been reached. The frequency of the accumulator draw will depend on how many players support the main lottery game. Only current weekly lottery entries are valid for the accumulator draw with the winning seat being picked at random.  

Notts County Foundation Trust is our first project, and we’re delighted that we have been given the opportunity to work with them in supporting their local community projects.

This video demonstrates how the foundation helped one individual in particular and with your help we can support many more.